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“This film shows the raw vulnerability, strength and beauty of the postpartum period; the work of becoming a parent for the first time. Bringing this film to our community is another way we can help the women and families we serve to prepare for the arrival of a new baby and reflect on their own postpartum experiences.” 

Michelle LeRiche

RN-BSN, CLC and Centering Pregnancy Coordinator at MCMG Women’s Health Care

"I am in awe of this documentary. It is very rare to see any real-life experiences of postpartum on screen, particularly the hard parts and this documentary managed to do it so well. With so much respect for Elise and not trying to edit it or hide what was happening, just showing her as she was, in each moment."


Central Scotland Documentary Festival

"Never have I had tears rolling down my cheeks two minutes into watching a film. Zulilah did a stunning job capturing the postpartum season of life, may your work reach every little corner of this world"


Held Postpartum

"Saw the world premier of this documentary last night and it was magical. We cried at the rawness and laughed at the relatability. The world needs to see No One Told Me Documentary."

mell pulsifer

In the Nest Midwifery

"I want to say what a gorgeous documentary you made. I am the mother of two boys and it was so refreshing, encouraging and supportive to watch another woman in a postpartum situation that felt at times, so similar to my own and that normalises everything that comes along with having a baby. So much love for this documentary"


Mother in Ireland

"As someone who did birthwork for the last 20 years, I have to tell you, just from the trailer alone... This is SUCH an important film. I cannot tell you the number of times I walked into a house and found the same situation. And every single mother thought she was crazy and that it wasn't normal."

lauren Mcallister dawson

Retired Doula

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