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an observational documentary about

the postpartum experience

the story

No One Told Me provides a raw and honest look at the postpartum period, a unique time in a woman's life that is rarely captured in documentary film.


The purely observational footage of incredibly intimate moments shows the highs and lows encountered by parents Elise and Marc as they adapt to life with a baby. Focusing on the new mother, the film shares the physical, hormonal and psychological changes she faces during the first 10 weeks of motherhood.

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directors note

I made this film after becoming a mother in 2018 and being totally unprepared for how hard those first weeks and months of motherhood are. Initially I thought it was just me, I was having such a hard time because something was wrong with me. When I realised that many women struggle with the transition into motherhood, the idea for No One Told Me was born; A film that observes one woman from birth, through the first days and weeks postpartum. No interviews, no looking back, just being in the moment with her. Showing future mothers and their support system what the postpartum period can look like. Showing new mothers that they are not the only ones struggling. Allowing mothers of all ages to process their own postpartum experience. Allowing those without children to deepen their understanding.

This film is a testament to the fact that as humans we have so much more in common than we think and that we are not as alone as we feel. The power of being vulnerable is to show others that it is safe to share and that it is safe to feel it all. My hope is that No One Told Me contributes to new mothers and their villages to feel deeper into what's needed during the postpartum time. Creating new traditions and support systems that allow new mothers to feel safe and loved and held.


- Zulilah Merry, Documentary Filmmaker / Director & Producer of No One Told Me

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"This film is intimate, beautiful, special and so needed." 


Kathryn Everett, XTR Film Society

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