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How I wish I could have watched this film before becoming a mother. There are a million ways 

Hot herbal tea, honey and yummy snacks. Surrounded by my village. The people I want close in those early days after giving birth. Watching No One Told Me together. Hearing my mother friends share in what ways their own postpartum experiences was similar and different from the one pictured in the film. Listening to the things they wish someone had told them.


Exploring what things would feel supportive to me. Having a doula, extra cleaning support in the house, a breastfeeding consultant scheduled to come for a home visit when my milk comes in. Having friends and neighbors prepare nutritious meals. Should they drop the meals and go or come in for a visit? Bone broths, stews, soups. Cooking freezer meals myself in advance. Going through postpartum recipe books and telling my friends which recipes I'd love to eat when baby is here. What supplements / teas / natural remedies and foods should I stock up on? How 

Below a list of resources I found really helpful. 

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Some of my favorite books about the postpartum



The first 40 days

Heng Ou

Nouris(her) e-cookbook

Rachael Hollinger


Nouris(her) e-cookbook

Rachael Hollinger

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