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audience responses


"I want to say what a gorgeous documentary you made. I am the mother of two boys and it was so refreshing, encouraging and supportive to watch another woman in a postpartum situation that felt at times, so similar to my own and that normalises everything that comes along with having a baby. So much love for this documentary"



"Never have I had tears rolling down my cheeks two minutes into watching a film. Zulilah did a stunning job capturing the postpartum season of life, may your work reach every little corner of this world"



"Saw the world premier of this documentary last night and it was magical. We cried at the rawness and laughed at the relatability. The world needs to see No One Told Me documentary."

Lauren, USA

"As someone who did birth work for the last 20 years, I have to tell you, just from that small clip in the trailer alone. This is SUCH an important film. I can not tell you the number of times I walked into a house and found the same situation. And every single one of them thought they were crazy and that it wasn't normal."

Organize a Screening - Venue


minimum requirements
- A cinema venue that screens DCP format - Digital Cinema Package - this is not negotiable. 

venue rental cost
- Venue rental here in Maine has been between $300 and $400 for small local cinema's with around 100 seats. I'm sure this price fluctuates in different parts of the country.
- Sometimes you can do a deal with the cinema where you split ticket sales 50/50 and avoid rental fees altogether.

worth checking
- Check if the cinema can download the DCP or of they need a physical drive mailed t
o them (extra cost for shipping)
- Can they facilitate a panel after the screening? Ask for a minimum of 2 mics, one of which wireless for audience participation.
- Do they have chairs available for the panel?
- Can they sell tickets for you online? It's worth checking what the fees are for this - fees can be steep! In Maine I've been selling tickets for $15.

Organize a screening - pick a date

pick a date

- Weekend afternoons have worked well for me. But you are of course free to pick any time and day of the week. 
- Big lesson for me > leave yourself enough time to promote the film. I would recommend a minimum of 6 weeks.


Organize a screening - panel

organise a PANEL

A panel of three people works well in my experience. Try to find people with different backgrounds. A home birth midwife, a doula, an OBGYN, a chapter leader for La Leche League in your state.  I've always enjoyed the back and forth between audience and panel members.

Don't forget about a moderator. Are you the one that can introduce the film? Tell the audience why you wanted to bring No One Told Me to your community? And facilitate the conversation after the screening?

Also think of back-ups. You never know if someone can't make it and it is nice to be prepared (also learned this the hard way). It is stressful to find replacements a day before the event. Avoid if you can!

Organize a screening - promotion


- A digital folder with stills, poster design files, trailer and text is available to help you create promotional material.
- Digital shares on social media work really well. I also enjoy spreading a few posters around town and chatting with people about the film along the way (printed at the local print shop).

You need allies to promote an event effectively. People who are willing and able to express in their own words why they think everyone should see this film.
- Which organizations, professionals and people can support you with promotion? It's good but not essential to get buy-in before confirming the event.
- Example organizations: Schools, daycares, birth centers, hospitals, libraries, non-profits and art centers all have digital newsletters and usually an information board where you can put up a poster.
- Example individuals: The most effective thing for me has been influential individuals and organizations sharing the event with a personal message on social media. For example the midwife that has been delivering babies for 20 years in your town - or the local doula with 3000 followers on instagram. If these people say that this is an important film to see - people will come!

Organize a screening - watch NOTM

watch no one told me

If you don't live in Maine, chances are you haven't been able to see No One Told Me. I am happy to share 1 screener with you so you can watch the film online. When you go decide to organize a screening I am happy to provide an additional 3 screener links for potential panel members once the screening fee is paid.

Organize a screening - cost


The screening fee for one screening at a time, date and venue of your choice is $750. Add shipping cost if the venue needs a physical harddrive with the DCP file on it sent to them. Once the screening agreement has been signed and the screening fee is paid in full, the DCP will be made available to the contact at the cinema (digital download or shipped).

Organize a screening - checklist


1. Contact local cinema, find out cost, pick and confirm a screening time and date.
2. Get a panel together and pick a moderator, consider a backup moderator and or panel members.
3. Think about promotion and contact people and organizations to see if they are willing to share the event.
4. Contact Zulilah to set up screening agreement and payment details.

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